“We create bespoke content that resonates with your audience and represents your brand authentically.”

What we do

Content Creation

We hand-pick the very best chefs to create dishes that perfectly represent your product, and run castings to source just the right models for your brand. We excel at choosing and connecting the right people, bringing them all together for your campaign to create bespoke content that resonates with your audience and represents your brand authentically.

Editorial and Commercial

Committed to delivering the most prestigious quality, our high-end digital content includes both commercial and editorial content for your brand, which can be used within your website, social media and print campaigns.


Sponsorship and Partnerships

We utilise the wide reach of the mymuybueno Group and our standing within the luxury network to create brand partnerships and sponsorship opportunities for your brand. From our mymuybueno Chefs platform, with its vast following and reach, to the individuals and other brands we work with and represent, and with whom we have nurtured exceptional relationships, we create bespoke targeted campaigns to develop your brand awareness within specific markets, and generate revenue. We also source larger sponsorship opportunities between brands and events.

Photography and Film

We work with the most talented individuals within the fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle industries; those with sterling experience at all levels, with very unique expertise in photography and film. By matching their style with that of your brand, heritage and values, and combining it with the right creative team, we ensure everything aligns perfectly for your campaign.


We have access to the most beautiful properties and superyachts around the globe, meaning everything is possible. We particularly love working in Mallorca, as we not only have access to many exquisite properties and superyachts, but we have a wealth of ‘local’ knowledge of spectacular locations less recognised and used, yet which can look as though they are anywhere in the world.

VIP and Influencer Relations

We work with many Michelin-starred chefs and other high-profile individuals who have a large social media presence and following, including models, superyacht chefs and stews, and other specific influencers or people of influence. Benefitting from these relationships, we choose to work with the right individuals – who will best reflect and represent your product, brand and values – to create you targeted campaigns.


We manage and represent exceptional chefs and other individuals, managing their long-term career growth and opportunities within their profile, and helping them to work closely with the right brands. We utilise our experience and expertise from the whole of the mymuybueno Group to further benefit you, and provide brand exposure.


We work very closely with the superyacht chefs on our own agency books, as well as restaurant chefs – including both rising stars and Michelin stars – who we can align with your brand for paid marketing campaigns, to become ambassadors and build brand exposure within your target audience, and create long-term relations.

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